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Did you hear that? Was it the call of the wild? If nature is calling your name, find an adventure that takes you through the backwoods or gets you out on the water. Hunting is a way of life. For many, it’s a family tradition, a beloved sport that requires skill or a favorite pastime that’s both peaceful and exciting. We help you find land, guided hunts and fishing trips to satisfy your taste for adventure and foster your love of the great outdoors.

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Listing Prices

Landowners determine lease prices based on the average value of land in their area. The amenities they offer, along with the species and amount of game found on their property, are considered as well. Leases may be more expensive if landowners offer access to cabins, blinds or stands. Amenities and unique land features increase the value of the hunting property.

Outfitters must take into account the cost of guides, land access, transportation and gear when determining prices for guided hunts or fishing trips. Popular guided hunts may be more expensive.

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How to Lease Land or Book a Guided Hunt

Let’s walk through how to lease land or make another purchase on HUUNT.

Sign up for an account and choose your membership level. Hunters can sign up for free to lease land or reserve guided hunts found on our website.

Start browsing. Filter listings by adventure type, state, species, amenities and difficulty. Find adventures using the grid view or map search.

Select the land you want to lease or the trip you want to take. Check the available dates and choose when to go on your adventure. Then select “Book Now.”

You’ll be directed to a checkout page where you will enter your billing details and finalize your purchase. Once you complete the transaction, you will receive an email with the landowner’s or outfitter’s contact information.

Prepare for your excursion. Step into nature and enjoy your adventure!

After You Rent or Buy

Completing Your Transaction

As the buyer, the hunter is responsible for paying any tax or shipping costs included in the purchase of the listed item. Though transactions take place through the HUUNT site, the buyer and seller are responsible for making contact, if necessary, after renting land or purchasing a guided hunt.


HUUNT does not provide or post listings, and is not responsible for the quality of the land or item. All land, guided hunts, fishing trips and vouchers are provided by private owners or nonprofit organizations. If you’re experiencing an issue, you may make a claim or contact us for assistance. When you make a purchase, you agree to accept HUUNT’s Hunting Access License Agreement and Terms and Conditions and acknowledge our Privacy Policy.

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You just have to know where to look for it. Find the best land or guided trip for your next walk in the woods. Explore available listings to book your bucket list hunt or plan where you’ll be next season.