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Our Mission

To advance wildlife conservation and support the love of hunting, fishing and the great outdoors for all generations.


Everyone has an inner outdoorsman.

There’s nothing like hearing the majestic bugle of an elk after a day of trekking across backcountry. Something about the sound strikes your core, as you watch a species that’s been roaming across the same grassy hills for hundreds of years come into view.

Nature is as challenging as it is awe-inspiring. Your day-to-day life can’t prepare you for crossing rugged terrain in inclement weather as you search for the elusive mountain goat. Over several days, the land, elevation and weather test your limits and your fortitude. The outdoors can bring us closer to ourselves, to who we are and who we could be.

Hunting and fishing is a way of life. It’s been that way for generations. It teaches us to slow down, rely on our instincts and respect the natural world around us. At the same time, it humbles us and reminds us of the pure power of nature.

Inspired by a love of the outdoors, HUUNT brings landowners, outfitters and hunters together, so more people can enjoy what’s best about hunting and fishing—the experience.

From Our Founder

Growing up in a small town in Missouri, we were never too far from the great outdoors. Before I could carry a gun or bow, I went hunting with my father. We’d hike past oak trees and pines or quietly move through open fields, looking for the right spot, the right cover or the right moment.

Some of my earliest hunting memories are of chasing pheasant and quail while visiting family in Kansas. If it was in season, my father and I were hunting it. Together, we’d cut branches to hang deer stands or pack decoys to hunt waterfowl.

When I got a bit older, I would have my parents drop me off at a farm near where we lived. For a few hours, it was just me and the wilderness.

The one-on-one experience of being out in nature is something I’ve always cherished. It connects us to a simpler way of living. It offers us a type of freedom and self-sufficiency that no longer exists in many of our lives.

There’s a quietness and a peace outdoors, whether on the water or in the woods, that I can’t find anywhere else.

Being on the farm I’ve hunted on my entire life is special. That land has put food on my family’s table and helped shape the hunter I am today. While nothing can take the place of those experiences, I also crave the adventure of going out West and trying something new.

Hunting and fishing are the ultimate challenge. This may be what I love most about it. Although we have better technology, it’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen or how an animal will react. The challenge comes from learning the land and the climate, analyzing the animals’ patterns and habits, and discovering how to be successful consistently.

Whether you’re alone at 12,000 ft up or you’re on a familiar Missouri farm, hunting teaches you to trust your instincts and lean on your own experiences to get through.

I believe you must attempt things no one else is willing to attempt in order to experience things no one else has experienced. Time outdoors can lead to adventures you’ll remember the rest of your life.

A passion for the outdoors was passed down to me at an early age. I’m blessed that this passion continues to overflow onto my own children. Whether I’m hiking with my daughters or hunting with my son, the outdoors bring us together.

Generations have walked the land around us. It’s my hope that generation after generation will continue to hunt, fish and enjoy the great outdoors.

Emmett Rogers
Founder of HUUNT

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