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Ever wonder about earning extra income from leasing that piece of land you’ve owned for years? If you’re like most landowners, the thought of leasing your land may be intriguing but daunting. We make finding the perfect hunter for your property as easy as the click of a button. Whether you own a few acres on the edge of town or thousands in the middle of nowhere, you can earn passive income by signing up for a HUUNT membership today.

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Why Should You Lease Your Land?

Benefits of Leasing

Offset Costs

Why should you lease your land? Leasing your property lets you make extra money, while offering others new hunting opportunities. The money you make from leasing can offset the cost of owning and maintaining the property. 


Having hunters on your property helps with security and wildlife management. Trail cameras, tree stands and blinds tell others that the land is being used. If people notice that someone is regularly on the property, they’ll be less likely to trespass. 

Wildlife Management

You may have crops or livestock that are consistently disrupted by the surrounding wildlife. Inviting hunters onto your land helps control the population and may help reduce interference from wildlife.

Set Your Terms

As the landowner or outfitter, you call the shots. When you add your listing to HUUNT, you can choose from a variety of customizable options. You decide when your land is available, if guests and pets are allowed, and what amenities you’ll offer.

Land Value

Pricing Your Land for Lease

It can be difficult to price your land for lease. You want to consider the amenities your property offers and, most importantly, the game it attracts.

Typically, land is priced per acre for annual hunting leases. Researching local land value can help you determine an appropriate lease price.

Using a per acre pricing strategy won’t always make for a fair lease price, depending on the features of the land, species of game, length of the lease and amenities on the property. Short-term or weekend hunting agreements should be priced differently than annual leases. 

If you offer lodging or gear, you should set a higher lease price. Are you willing to let the hunter make changes to the land? Hunters who are offered free rein on the land will expect to pay a bit more for the lease.

It Takes Five Simple Steps

How to List Land or a Guided Hunt

We’ve made it simple to upload your land or guided hunt and connect with hunters. Follow these steps to post a listing.

Sign up for an account and choose your membership level. Base, Pro and Premium memberships can create listings.

Once logged in, choose “List a Hunt” from the top right corner or navigate to your account dashboard to create a new listing.

Give your listing a stellar title and description. Be sure to include any noteworthy amenities and add photos.

Provide details about your land or adventure, including the address, game, availability, price, terms, sleeping arrangements and add-ons.

When you are finished, hit “List It” to make the listing live. Sit back and wait for hunters to book!

What Happens Next?

Leasing Your Land

You will be notified once someone purchases your listing. HUUNT takes a 10% commission charge from the sale price of your listing unless you have a commission-free membership. The commission fee will be charged to the party who posts the item for sale or lease.


When you list your land, guided hunt, fishing trip, trespass fee or voucher, you automatically agree to accept HUUNT’s Hunting Access License Agreement and Terms and Conditions. The landowner or outfitter who lists the item assumes full responsibility for the item offered and the content of the listing.

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